Get Started

Get started fast: push custom data to our API, and set up visualizations for your smartphone in the Databox Designer web app.

1. Get your token

Sign up for a Databox account. You’ll use the same account for pushing and accessing your data on your phone - no extra developer account needed!

In Databox Designer web app, grab your pre-assigned ‘Token’ token from the onboarding flow as shown below:

Picking custom data in onboarding

Or, create a new custom source here, and copy your token from data source list.

Read more about data sources in Databox here.

2. Send your data

Here are a few different ways:

  • (recommended) using our SDKs
  • through the Terminal Panel in the Databox Designer
  • directly from a command line as shown below:

curl \
-u 2cdt4yoytbvockc51cowgs4gsss84ow4s: \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Accept: application/vnd.databox.v2+json' \
-d '{
      "$sales": 123000

Replace the sample token in the second line above with the one you retrieved from the Databox Designer.

The example above will create a metric called ‘Sales’ under the ‘Token’ data source (or whatever you named it, if you created a new one).

Read more about our API here.
Read more about data sources in Databox here.

3. See your data

Create a new datacard in Databox Designer, open plain Datablocks tab on the left and drag a ‘Number’ datablock to your datacard.

Add datablock to a datacard

In properties panel on the right, select the appropriate data source and the metric you have just sent.

Datablock metric sidebar


Download the Databox Mobile app, then log in, grab a drink, sit back & relax, and watch the pretty charts and blinking lights.


  • Use the endpoint to send your data.
  • Visit to customize your visualizations in the Databox Designer web app.
  • Open the Databox Mobile app to see your data from wherever, whenever.
  • Rock on.

What’s next?

Are you stuck? You're always welcome to contact us - we're here to help!