Create token

Once you’ve created your Databox account (signup is free!), the next step is to create a Data Source Token where your custom data will be stored.

What is a token?

A Token in Databox is a unique identifier that points to your designated storage container within Databox’s warehouse. It’s like a bucket where you store your data. Usually, users create tokens to act as a folder for a group of metrics (i.e. ‘Sales data’).

A Token acts just like a Data Source connection, and will be visible in the Data Manager

To get started, you need to create your first Token:

  1. Navigate to the Data Manager in your Databox Account

  2. Click the green + New connection button
  3. Type Custom in the search bar and click on the green Create token button
  4. A popup will open. Select Create token
  5. Name your Token (i.e. Sales data) and click Create
  6. Your token has been created. Copy the token hash that was created and save it so it’s easily accessible. You will need it later in the process.

Pro Tip: You should keep your token hash private, since others with access could send data to it. This could, potentially result in corrupted data. To hide your Token from other Databox users, you can change the permissions. Learn more about data source permissions