Create metric

After you have created a Token to store your data, the next step is to create your first metric.

What is a metric?

A metric is a quantitative measurement of performance. Every metric must be associated with a numerical value and stored within a Data Source. 

To access and visualize the data that you’re storing in your Token Data Source, you need to create Custom Metrics.

To create a Custom Metric:

  1. Navigate to the Data Manager in your Databox Account
  2. Find the Token that you created in the previous step. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Details button and select See all metrics.

  3. You will be redirected to the Metric Library. Click the green + button to create a new Custom Metric.

  4. When creating a new Custom Metric, you need to define some key elements like the Custom Metric name, a description and the ‘metric key’ identifier. Under the Advanced tab you will find some more important settings on how to aggregate your data correctly (Data type, Aggregation function, etc.). The Data type is important for visualizing your data in future steps. Read more about Metric definition

    Metric definition popup
  5. Your Custom Metric is now created. You can come back later and change the settings if needed.

Now it’s time to send your data to Databox.