Visual preferences

Visual preferences help ensure your metric values are displayed just the way you want – with units, a set scale, comparisons, and more. 

Inverted metrics [by default disabled]

By default, the comparison change colors in Databox are green when the metric value increases, and red when the metric value decreases. For most metrics, like Sessions, Account Balance, and Closed Won Deals, this matches positive gains and negative losses for the metric.  

However, some metrics are better (positive) the lower the value is, like Bounce rate, Churn rate, and Cancellations. By setting an Inverted Metric, you’ll change the settings so comparison change colors are green when the metric value decreases, and red when the metric value increases. This setting will also affect how goal comparisons are calculated, since a lower value means positive performance.

Default Number format

By default, the number format is set to Auto (1,234.56).

If you have used units or just want to attach a currency symbol to the number (without using the ‘unit’ property), you can change the Default Number Format for this metric.

Although you can also customize the Format directly in Databox for each Datablock, we recommend setting it generally for a metric. This will save you time in the long-run. Learn more about number formats

Default comparison (change) function

To calculate the comparison (change) value, you can select between 3 different functions:

  1. Percentage change [default]: show the percentage change from 1 period to another. 
  2. Ratio: show the ratio change from 1 period to another. 
  3. Absolute change: show the absolute change from 1 period to another. 

Learn more about comparison functions

Default comparison number format

The comparison number format works the same as the Number format field, but this specifies how the comparison data will be displayed. This field automatically updates based on the Change Function selected. 

Learn more about comparison number formats